Get A Free Copy of GTA 5 NOW!

picture of gta 5 on ps3 and xbox 360

The release of GTA 5 is just round the corner, next week in fact!

Here at we believe in gaming on the cheap, but we’ve decided to take this philosophy one step further and offer you the game for FREE!

That’s right, you did read that correctly, we are offering you the game, on any platform you like for free.

The process is simple and can be complete in a matter minutes, and you get a $60/£35 game, if you ask me that’s pretty sweet deal, right?

How to claim your FREE copy of GTA 5

  1. Click the button below to get started

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  2. Complete simply survey (no credit card needed, ever)
  3. Every survey you complete earns you points (different points for different survey...
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GTA 5 Skydiving and Parachuting Pictures

I was excited at the thought of ripping around in jets in the new grand theft auto five, but now, with the latest preview images from Rockstar I don’t know what I’m looking forward to the most, flying in planes and jets of skydiving an parachuting!

I know feature has been around for a while now bu I’ve just got the feeling that it’s been totally updated and is gonna be amazing, just looking at the scenery in the pictures below is an update enough in my eyes, apart from the city looking beautiful, it also looks massive!

1280 (69)

How cool does this look...

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GTA 5 City & Missions – Preview Pictures

Have we got a treat for you today or what! Rockstar have just released loads more screens from the upcoming GTA 5 game that set for release this september.

What are the pictures of I hear you ask, well we’re not quite sure to be honest, there is not real theme as such apart from a preview what the city looks like and some potential missions (some look simply awesome!)

view of the new gta 5 city

guy absailing to a window

Take a look at all the images below (there’s a lot) and let us know what you think of them, what do you think the images are of, simple screen shots, missions or something else

…let’s hear it!

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Cheapest place to pre-order and buy GTA 5 in the US


If your looking to buy GTA 5 in the UK please click here for our sister article across the pond!

So we (mainly me!) have been talking about nothing else other than GTA 5 over the past few months, what it’s going to have, the cars, weapons, maps and missions etc but I’m gonna put all that on hold just for the moment and talk about buying the actual game.

You see it’s all well and good us talking about what the game is gonna have and what we’re looking forward to but if we don’t do a little forward planning now we won’t have the for release day, devastating thought I know!

I’m going to walk you thought the two options you have when it comes to buying the game, which is best and how to save a few bucks at the same time so let’s dive right in.

Old school purchase

Like I said there are two o...

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GTA 5 Helicopters & Jets

I’m so happy to be doing this update todate, why? Errr because its helicoperts and jets!!! They have to be the coolest things on the planet let alone the grand theft auto game, don’t you think?

If you’re not that into them (strange!?!?) I’m almost certain you’ll be itching to try them out when you’re finished looking at these images.

helicopter going to FIB headquaters

gta 5 helicopter

I’m really interested to know your thoughts on flying around the new

 GTA 5 are you pumped or is it just me?

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GTA 5 Boats

Rockstar having been releasing a lot of cool images lately and here are a few more, this time the of the boats that will be in the new grand theft auto 5 game that’s set to be released 17th September 2013.

Personally I would like to have seen a few more pictures on the boats but I’m not gonna complain too much as these ones do look pretty cool as it is and I’m sure there will be plenty more in the new game.

Jet Ski in the new GTA 5

Let me know your thoughts, are you looking forward to cruising around 

the waters  San Andre...

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GTA 5 Motorbikes, Dirt Bikes & Quads

Admittedly I love driving around grand theft auto in sweet looking car that goes way too fast but every now and then I do enjoy ripping around on a motorbike. Rockstar have just release these images that show a small sample of what bikes are set to feature in the upcoming gta 5 game later this year.

dirt bike chasing car in gta 5

I can’t deny they look awesome and I’m sure you’ll agree.

But what’s your favorite an...

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GTA 5 Cars – Amazing Pictures

We’ve been dreaming about the cars a lot lately, what will the new GTA 5 have and what won’t it? Well here is just a taste of what’s to come, Rockstar have just released these images of some of the cars that are going to be in the new game!

They look so frickin’ sweet it’s unreal, I literally can’t wait to be cruising around the city in these, testing their speeds and then smashing them to bits haha!

Take a look at them below and lets us know what your favorite is or if your looking forward to something else.

GTA 5 Ferrari Enzo Lookalike

The Cheeta…A Ferrari Enzo Lookalike maybe?

GTA 5's version of the Lamborghini Murcielago

How hot does this car look, based on the ...

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Cheapest place to pre-order and buy GTA 5 in the UK

grand theft auto 5 pre-order

Lately, we’ve been talking non-stop about the new grand theft auto 5 game, what’s cars it’s going to have, the weapons, what the city and maps will be like…the list goes on and on!

Today I want to take a small break from all that (shocking I know!) and talk about actually buying the game, it’s all well and good GTA 5 having best missions and graphics since the dawn of time but that’s all useless if you don’t get your copy on the day of its release and most importantly of all you need to get it at the best price possible.

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GTA 17th September Release Date – Why the Delay?

grand theft auto 5 17th september release

It was only a few weeks ago when hard-core GTA fans, like myself were getting ready for Rockstar to  release artwork for the new GTA 5 game, ahead of its spring 2013 launch, I personally couldn’t wait to see some of their classic images, firing me up for the gaming!

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