GTA 5 Cars – Amazing Pictures

We’ve been dreaming about the cars a lot lately, what will the new GTA 5 have and what won’t it? Well here is just a taste of what’s to come, Rockstar have just released these images of some of the cars that are going to be in the new game!

They look so frickin’ sweet it’s unreal, I literally can’t wait to be cruising around the city in these, testing their speeds and then smashing them to bits haha!

Take a look at them below and lets us know what your favorite is or if your looking forward to something else.

GTA 5 Ferrari Enzo Lookalike

The Cheeta…A Ferrari Enzo Lookalike maybe?

GTA 5's version of the Lamborghini Murcielago

How hot does this car look, based on the Lamborghini Murcielago possibly


grand theft auto 5 car

GTA 5 car looking like Audi R8

This proper looks like the Audi R8

grand theft auto car

This looks to be influenced by Aston or Jaguar for sure

gta v red sports car

Unknown car but it does look similar to a Ferrari

yellow audi look gta 5 car

gta 5 Porsche 911

Awesome looking version of the Porsche 911, GTA 5 is gonna rock!

dog sitting in new gta 5 car

grand theft auto 5 car

grand theft auto 5 police car chase

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