GTA 5 Motorbikes, Dirt Bikes & Quads

Admittedly I love driving around grand theft auto in sweet looking car that goes way too fast but every now and then I do enjoy ripping around on a motorbike. Rockstar have just release these images that show a small sample of what bikes are set to feature in the upcoming gta 5 game later this year.


dirt bike chasing car in gta 5


I can’t deny they look awesome and I’m sure you’ll agree.

But what’s your favorite and what are you looking forward to driving the most?

gta v quad bike

grand theft auto bicycle

gta 5 bicycle

gta 5 dirt bike

gta v bicycle

grand theft auto quad

dirt bike in new gta 5

fast dirt bike in new gta 5

sweet looking quad bike in gta 5

motorbike wheelie in gta 5

fast looking superbike in gta v

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